Winter time – a time for preparation and experimentation with Dumplings and Pasta

It’s the new year, and  every January I set myself some cookery skill targets, being a self taught cook, I need, and love to learn new things. I also believe that if you work in food, you always need to be finding the new ‘thing’ or taste. This year it’s Asian dumplings, and their American […]

Will it rise?

Every year I set myself a culinary challenge or three, I don’t always achieve them all, but it’s good to dream. This year Sourdough, Pasta and Souffles are on it. Last weekend I got a lovely present from the fabulous baker Vicky North, some sourdough starter, and my kitchen adventures began. The first two batches […]


An auspicious morning, the sun must have known I was to start the blog today, greeting me with pink and blue! After dropping the kids at school I zoomed off to Brynberian to the lovely Erica Frances‘ house at the foot of the Preselis for my first lesson in blogging! So here I am and […]